Strategic Focus

Elsewhere in this website, reference has been made to the renewal process undertaken by the Foundation in 2011-2012. One of the major outcomes of the renewal for the Foundation  was a mandate to establish a strategic area of focused giving, in addition to its traditional giving practices. Since the acceptance of the renewal presentation to the directors of the McCain Foods Group in 2012, the directors of the Foundation have devoted a great deal of time to the investigation of different areas of potential strategic or focused giving for the future. At the present time, the directors of the Foundation have concluded that enhancing literacy in Atlantic Canada, beginning with the Province of New Brunswick, is the leading contender as an area of focused giving. To that end, the directors have engaged with many experts in the area and have recently promulgated a request for Expressions of Interest from literacy interest groups in Atlantic Canada in the hope of identifying a project or program suitable for support by the Foundation.

Why Literacy?

Strategic Project Goals

The McCain Foundation is pleased to announce its new strategic focus; taking the initiative towards eradicating low literacy levels in the Atlantic Canada region.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide the energy and resources necessary to take literacy development and education to new heights. By starting at the early childhood level, we hope to proactively develop the next generation into highly literate and educated students. Hopefully no child will miss the “learn to read - read to learn” transition. We can help the members of our community realize their full potential, and make meaningful contributions to society.

Why Literacy?  Why we care?

  • 42% of Canadians between the ages of 16-65 have low literacy skills.
  • Statistics show that by grade 4 students who have not developed the proper literacy capacity will struggle throughout high school and beyond.
  • Less than 20% of people who fall in the low literacy skills category, are employed.
  • Members of our community are slipping through the system. This has to change. 
  • A 1% increase in the literacy rate would generate $18 billion in economic growth every year.
  • That’s $18 billion of economic growth not realized. A 5% increase would contribute $90 billion.
  • An Investment in a literacy program has the potential for a 241% return on that investment.
  • Investing in literacy education produces more than an economic advantage; it creates a better quality of life for people, of which that Canadians can be proud.

Statistics sourced from the Canadian Literacy and Learning Network: http://www.literacy.ca/literacy/literacy-sub/