​​​​​​​The McCain Foundation

Established in 1993, The McCain Foundation supports a wide variety of projects across the country with a particularly strong focus on communities in Atlantic Canada.  The Foundation is funded solely by McCain Foods Limited, wholly-owned by the McCain families with headquarters in Toronto and Florenceville-Bristol, NB.  Although McCain Foods has grown over the years to include 46 manufacturing facilities on six continents, it still maintains its deep New Brunswick roots and strong family values.  The McCain Foundation shares the company’s philosophy and passion for giving back to its communities.

Our Values:

The McCain Foundation values Empowerment, Integrity and Innovation.  We are committed to:

• Nurturing the empowerment of people in the Atlantic communities to achieve better lives in a sustainable environment
• Working with people with integrity and investing in institutions, organizations and/or programs of integrity
• Supporting projects dedicated to nurturing innovation, pioneering new fields and spearheading new initiatives

 Our Five Areas of Traditional Giving: 

  • Arts  & Culture
  • Community/Civic Projects
  • Health & Wellness
  • Education
  • Environment

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McCain Foods Limited and the McCain families have a long history of charitable giving dating back to and before 1957 when the company opened its first French fry plant in the small village of Florenceville, New Brunswick. In March, 1993, The McCain Foundation was set up to better focus on our donations and to enhance the impact of our giving on local communities.

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